Eco-Friendly Window Treatments: Style Meets Sustainability

Eco-friendly window treatments

Imagine visiting a friend and walking into a room with beautiful window dressings you just can’t ignore. Bamboo blinds filtering the light just right with their horizontal pattern. A colorful valance flowing above the window near the ceiling like a cloud. Gorgeous drapes cascading down to the floor with a pattern slightly off the main material’s color. 

“That is an absolutely gorgeous display,” you say. 

They reply, “Thank you. Believe it or not, everything there is eco-friendly.” 


“Yes. All the materials are recycled, and they come from a company that values environmentally sustainable manufacturing.”

If you are like most people, it may surprise you to discover that you can choose to have window treatments that help care for the environment while they beautify your home. 

But, it’s true. And if this is something you would like, let me show you how to find it. 

Eco-Friendly Materials for Your Windows that Promote Environmental Sustainability

Let’s start by looking at what your window treatments are made of. 

Perhaps the signal that window treatments are eco-friendly you are already familiar with is that little recycled logo on product packaging. You can look for it on window treatment packaging as well.

That logo tells you that the company has taken care to transform trash into something useful, thus minimizing the carbon footprint of both the company and the consumer. Watching for recycled materials is a great way to care for the planet while shopping.

Here’s a tidbit you probably didn’t know about repurposed materials…

Recycled bottles and fishing nets are finding new life in stunning window treatments. That means you can have beautiful woven shades crafted from recycled polyester as soft and stylish as their non-recycled counterparts, and at the same time know that you are also diverting plastic waste from landfills and oceans.

As an alternative to recycled materials, you can choose inherently sustainable options. Bamboo blinds, jute drapes, linen sheers, and organic cotton valances are not only downright beautiful but replenish quickly. While jute and linen can offer a rustic charm to your room, you can know that organic cotton means no harmful chemicals were used in its production.

Keep in mind that just because something is made of wood it doesn’t mean that it was made irresponsibly. If you want that wood look to add warmth and texture, look for FSC-certified options. That guarantees responsible, environmentally conscious forestry practices, which means the company does everything in a way that preserves precious ecosystems.

Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

When selecting eco-friendly window treatments, don’t limit yourself to just looking at the materials. Consider also the natural side effects that your choice will have in related areas, especially when it comes to energy efficiency.

Have you considered cellular shades? Their unique hexagonal design traps air and creates a thermal barrier. This energy-efficient window covering can help insulate your room year-round. Did you know that in the summer they can block up to 60% of the solar heat gain? Yes, and in the winter they can prevent heat loss by up to 40%. This isn’t just about the bill, but about not wasting energy. 

Solar shades are also great for preventing heat gain. Their design relies on tightly woven fabrics, often with a reflective backing to deflect sunlight. Again, this is a great option if you want to reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning and heating.

Blackout curtains may bring to mind keeping out light, but they have another side effect as well. Because of their thickness, they can help keep heat and cool in your room. It’s not unlike having a thermal blanket on your windows to keep your room warm.

If you are someone who loves technology, you have unique options available to you. What if you were to choose automated shades that are raised or lowered at certain times so you don’t even have to think about it in the moment? All you need to do is set the schedule according to what you need, and that’s it.

If you want to reduce your energy bills, think about energy efficiency while you choose your window dressings, and you will decrease your carbon footprint by default. 

Sustainable Style with Sustainable Materials

If you have ever heard that going green with your window treatments will result in your place not looking as good as it could, don’t believe it. You can go green and go glamorous all at the same time.

Consider the natural look. Imagine bamboo shades hanging in a window, backlit by the sun,  to bring that natural organic warmth. Or what if you had organic cotton drapes flowing through the floor with that crisp, clean aesthetic? Or linen curtains to add that understated elegant feel? Wood blinds could accent hardwood floors in a way other materials cannot. Sometimes, the beauty of natural materials is all a room needs to pop. 

Don’t let sustainability limit your color palette. Eco-friendly fabrics come in a vibrant array of hues. You can pick whatever you need to create a window to accent with color or cause it to blend in with the theme of the room’s decor. From pizazz to plain. You get to choose. 

Your choice of patterns are unlimited as well. Imagine geometric prints on recycled polyester shades. Maybe you prefer floral motifs on organic cotton curtains. It all comes down to what you want. Maybe you want a modern look or a romantic vibe. How do you use your space? Highlight that with your window treatments. 

Of course, you also have light control. You can customize the opacity of your treatments as desired, even though they are created using sustainable materials and practices. On top of that, glare reduction can have a huge effect on your home office. 

Don’t just think about fabrics. Consider how you can use sustainable hardware options. Bamboo pulls and recycled metal rings can reflect your commitment to eco-conscious values while they function and add to your decor. 

All these benefits are available to you. Choosing a sustainable style doesn’t limit your creativity and opportunity. You have everything available to you to allow your personality to reflect in your window treatments while using sustainable materials. 

Environmentally Conscious Businesses

As you consider eco-friendly options, remember that eco-friendly can be more than just the use of sustainable materials. 

Some companies are more ecologically minded than others. Look for a company that prioritizes responsible water and energy use, leverages recycling itself to reduce waste, and upholds ethical labor practices for its employees. Certifications include FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) or Oeko-Tex. An example of a company that takes environmentally friendly materials and practices seriously is Graber. When you purchase their products, you support them and their responsible behavior as a business.

Shopping local has an impact beyond just supporting your community economically. By shopping for products that are produced in your area, you minimize transportation emissions. 

Choose built-to-last options. Invest in high-quality, durable window treatments. Sure, they cost a bit more, but they’ll last longer, thus minimizing the impact on the environment that comes with continually having to replace them. (Plus, when you consider how often you have to replace cheaper curtains, built-to-last draperies aren’t as expensive as they first appear.)

Have you considered giving pre-loved a chance? Check out thrift stores and online marketplaces where people want to upgrade their window treatments and want to pass along their previous ones. By upcycling, you give them a new lease on life. 

Eco-Friendly Window Treatments Made from Sustainable Materials Can Keep Your Home Healthy

Selecting eco-friendly window treatments isn’t just about environmental sustainability. It’s also about caring for yourself and others in your home, especially if you have breathing issues such as asthma.

Natural, organic fabrics like cotton and linen that are free from harmful chemicals and dyes can reduce allergens and other irritants in the air that you breathe inside your home. Some recycled materials, such as polyester, may be treated with antimicrobial properties, thus preventing the growth of mold and mildew.

Eco-friendly window treatments can improve the air quality in your home to the benefit of everyone in it.

Eco-Friendly Window Treatments with their Energy Efficiency and Emphasis on Renewable Energy Sources are a Win-Win for Everyone

When you shop for window treatments that help care for the planet, whether it’s through recycled materials or supporting ecologically-minded businesses, you don’t have to settle for inferior options. Quite the contrary, you can do just as much with eco-friendly window treatments as you can with any others. If you want to find the right eco-friendly window treatments for your home, let us help. All you need to do is set up a call and we’ll talk with you. This call is free, so there’s no risk to you. We would love to hear from you and help you take the next step forward to crafting your dream home one room at a time.

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