The Ultimate Guide to Child-Safe Window Treatments

The Ultimate Guide to Child-Safe Window Treatments

Here’s the scene…

Sunlight streams into your living room, highlighting the activity on the floor. Young children go “vroom vroom” as they roll cars across the street-patterned rug. Playful sharing and laughing. A beautiful moment in the home.

Then, a sound from outside. Music. The ice cream truck! As one child runs from the room, the other runs toward the window to peek through the blinds, moves the cord aside, to get the first glimpse.

This is a picture-perfect moment for a beautiful day in the life of a family. But what if there was an unseen danger in this scene?

While window treatments bring beauty and comfort to a home, sometimes their design can pose a silent threat to children who are naturally curious or prone to climbing. Loose cords, dangling loops, and even certain climbing hazards can transform a seemingly harmless window into a potential accident waiting to happen.

Today, I’m going to take the worry out of those happy moments in the sunshine framed by those gorgeous window treatments. Let’s delve into exploring the world of child-safe window treatments that won’t sacrifice style, comfort, or personal expression so you can adorn your living space and continue to find joy in your children’s carefree laughter.

The Lurking Threat: Why Traditional Window Treatments Can Be Dangerous for Children

Sometimes, we get so used to certain things being a part of our lives that we don’t even think about how dangerous they might be for small children. Unfortunately, according to the Window Covering Safety Council around nine children ages 5 or younger perish every year due to strangulation because of the cords hanging off blinds, curtains, and shades. Young children are naturally curious and want to play with everything, and that can walk them straight into a dangerous situation.

Not all of the dangers around window treatments are as critical. Sometimes children want to use the cords to help them climb as they scale the furniture next to the window.

Through the years, the industry has become more sensitive to these dangers. Modern window treatments tend to come with safety features that help prevent accidents. But those older window treatments with their outdated designs can pose unexpected risks, such as being the strangulation hazard feared most by parents.

Children are going to explore and play with things. And, they should. This is how they learn about their world. So let’s start looking at ways that we can make space for them to explore and learn while keeping them safe at the same time around those windows.

Child Safety Without Replacement: Managing Existing Window Treatments

Let’s start with risk management. While what I’m about to say may come across as extremely simple responses to situations, remember that even the simplest fixes can go a long way toward making your house the safest possible environment for children.

Embrace cord safety devices. You can buy child-safe cord winders and tassels. These will significantly shorten and secure those dangerous dangling cords. Use these and there will be no more window cord loops for those curious little hands to get a hold of.

Create cord-free zones. If you have corded window blinds or shades in your home, make sure they are away from cribs, furniture, and other climbing structures. Removing those potential foot holds reduces the temptation to grab for those cords in the first place.

Teach what not to do. Using age-appropriate language to tell your children about the dangers of cords and explain why they are off-limits. When you see a child moving into an area with danger, redirect them. When you see children playing away from those zones, reinforce them. Keeping a home kid-friendly is not just about telling them what you don’t want to do, but also encouraging them to do what you do want them to do to stay safe.

Remain vigilant. Even with safety measures in place, if you have a potential hazard in your home, adult supervision is best

Breathe Easy: Cordless Options for Every Room

If you are thinking about upgrading your window coverings, this is the perfect time to choose child-safe window treatments. Just because you are selecting adornments with practicality in mind, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style in any way. Let’s look at some fabulous options you have to choose from while you eliminate a hazard to children.

Cellular shades. Cordless cellular shades are downright beautiful window decorations made from lightweight, honeycomb-shaped fabric. These shades are also great for adding insulation to your windows, which is another perk of buying them. While perfect for light control and privacy, these cordless window coverings use a simple lift system that is safe for children.

Roller shades. For those seeking a minimalist aesthetic, these modern, sleek shades unfurl smoothly. Plus, they come in blackout options, so they’re perfect for rooms, such as bedrooms, where you want to keep out sunlight.

Roman shades. These fabric panels fold neatly when raised. They operate with a user-friendly cord-free system. A great option for a nursery or a child’s bedroom.

Shutters. If you want that classic and timeless look, here you go. They are great for privacy and light control.

Cordless interior shutters. Coming in a variety of materials, such as wood and faux wood, they are easy to clean and great for kitchens and bathrooms.

Motorized options. Not only the ultimate option for convenience, but fantastic for safety, motorized window treatments remove those potentially dangerous elements to keep your entire family safe. Operate them remotely or integrate them into your smart home technology.

When selecting child-safe window treatments, remember that different types of window treatments are better for different types of environments. You will want moisture-resistant treatments for rooms with regular water use, such as a kitchen or a bathroom. You may want something with a more elegant feel in rooms you relax in, such as a living room or a bedroom.

Thinking Beyond the Window Coverings

After you have improved the safety of your window treatments for small children, you still have a little work to do. You have to think about the wider environment as well. Here are a few tips to help create a safe environment for young children.

Anchor it down. Children love to climb on things. The furniture they climb on can topple. So, secure any furniture and other climbing options with furniture anchors. That way, if a curious child decides to peek out that window without you knowing about it, they can remain safe because the chair is anchored to the floor.

Lock and stop. To prevent any accidental openings, lock your windows and use stoppers. While operating windows will still be easy for adults, those little child hands won’t be up to the task.

Prioritize supervision. If you want a safe environment, there is no substitute for supervision. Always try to keep an eye on your child around windows to prevent any accidents.

Consider Child-Safe Window Coverings When It’s Time to Replace What You Have

Safety is always a concern in homes with young children. When it’s time to replace your window treatments, I encourage you to consider safe window coverings. Choose window treatments that use a cordless or motorized lift system. In the meantime, try to keep toys away from windows, move all cribs to safe spaces, and prevent access to cords overall. 

I realize choosing the safest option to ensure your home is a happy home can require keeping track of a lot of concerns. So, when it’s time to upgrade, why not contact us? We will be glad to spend some time with you on the phone (on our dime) so you can find out how we can help you craft the look and feel you want with your window treatments as you seek to construct a safe environment for the whole family.

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