The Best Way to Clean Blinds, Shades, and Drapes

A bedroom view with beautiful drapes as an illustration for how to clean drapes

As you stand in the window, framed by the beautiful drapes to your sides and the valence hovering over your head, you feel the warm sun streaming through the glass to caress your skin. With your linen shade up you see the beauty of the grass, trees, and sky. The moment is picture perf… *Cough,…

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Choosing the Best Window Treatments for Large Windows

Curtains and shades over sliding glass doors to demonstrate the best window treatments for large windows

There’s nothing like starting the morning off with a hot cup of coffee and looking out the window to see the sun slide up over the horizon. Peering through the large window of your living room you have an unobstructed view of the outdoors. You can see the birds and the trees, fluffy white clouds…

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The Ultimate Guide to Child-Safe Window Treatments

The Ultimate Guide to Child-Safe Window Treatments

Here’s the scene… Sunlight streams into your living room, highlighting the activity on the floor. Young children go “vroom vroom” as they roll cars across the street-patterned rug. Playful sharing and laughing. A beautiful moment in the home. Then, a sound from outside. Music. The ice cream truck! As one child runs from the room,…

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Eco-Friendly Window Treatments: Style Meets Sustainability

Eco-friendly window treatments

Imagine visiting a friend and walking into a room with beautiful window dressings you just can’t ignore. Bamboo blinds filtering the light just right with their horizontal pattern. A colorful valance flowing above the window near the ceiling like a cloud. Gorgeous drapes cascading down to the floor with a pattern slightly off the main…

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The Art of Layering Window Treatments for a Luxurious Look

A bedroom scene adorned by layering window treatments

Sometimes, art is all about the way you capture light. Imagine walking into a room where the light beautifully seeps through a sheer filter, softening it before it cascades across the folds of fabric flowing almost to the floor. This portal of magnificence draws your eyes irresistibly to the colors that make the room pop…

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4 Strategies for Getting Custom Drapes on a Budget for Your Home

A bedroom with custom drapes on a budget

Remember when you were sitting in your chair looking at your window and started dreaming about the perfect window treatments for your living room? You could just see that beautiful, lush, velvet texture with a length stretching right to the ground, framing the sunlight as it poured through the window opening, lighting the room. You…

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The Best Energy-Efficient Window Coverings to Save You Money

A bedroom with energy efficient wndow coverings

Having the best energy-efficient window treatments can make a huge dent in your power bill. Whether you’re trying to heat your home in the winter or cool it in the summer, making smart choices when it comes to your window coverings can save you money by lowering your energy bills all year round. I want…

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Glare Reduction Window Treatments: Home Office Glare Control

photo of a desk in front of a window with glare reduction window treatments blinds

As more people embrace remote work, home offices have become essential spaces for productivity and focus. However, remote workers struggle with a common challenge: glare from sunlight.  This glare is more than just annoying. It can lead to eye strain, reduce productivity, and hinder the overall work experience (which can put you in a bad…

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How Quality Window Treatments Increase Home Value

Stairwell with blinds on windows to increase home value

When the time comes to sell a home, everyone wants to know what adds value to a home on the market. Usually, people think of things like a new roof, new flooring, a new countertop, or new carpeting. Unfortunately, window treatments are often overlooked, even though they may be an easier way to increase home…

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Custom Roller Shades: Enhance Your Space with Style and Functionality

Living room and dining room with custom roller shades providing privacy on the windows

Are you looking to elevate the style and functionality of your windows? Look no further than custom roller shades. These sleek, versatile window coverings offer a seamless addition to any room, allowing you to showcase your unique style while enjoying the benefits of light control, privacy, and easy maintenance. This comprehensive guide will explore everything…

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